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I’ve paused my countdown of great 1920s songs to make updates to the permanent pages (which you can access to the right of this post) of my previous countdowns of 1970s, 1950s, and 1980s songs. Now you can hear every song in those lists in streaming form while you read the nonsense I wrote about it (or better yet, surf some other site in a different tab). I also changed the pictures on the 70s page so that they were the same dimensions as the pictures in later lists, because I am insane and little things like that bug me. Once the 20s list is done, it will go in a similar page, with streaming rather than downloadable mp3s. Get ’em while they’re hot!

And yes, there will be more lists in the future. I’m hammering out an updated 60s list, and I’m slowly researching material for lists covering the 30s, 90s, 40s, and 2000s, in (probably) that order. Nope, my reign of terror ain’t anywhere near over.

As you were.


Nothing here as of yet. My blog, such as it was, has died a natural death, and my comic strip is in a holding pattern until I can figure out if I ever want anyone to see it or not.

Still, stay tunedish.