1972 Case File #3.

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond, Moods

File Between: Carole King and Tom Jones

Comments: I’ve never really been able to reconcile my fondness for Neil Diamond’s canny pop songwriting (“Cracklin’ Rose” is one of the all-time classic pop songs) with the cheesy pretentiousness that was the Achilles’ heel of so many pop stars and would-be pop stars as the high of the 60s faded into the drag of the 70s. This record is packaged with the high production values of a Serious Singer-Songwriter, with a stiff dust jacket and everything, but one song is called “Porcupine Pie” and another “Gitchy Goomy,” like he’s dusting off old Brill Building numbers that found no takers. “Song Sung Blue” was a moderate hit (Altered Images did a good cover in the 80s), but the aching-to-be-taken-seriously soul of the record is in drippy tosh called things like “Canta Libre” and “Prelude In E Major.”

A Keeper? One Neil Diamond album is all anyone needs, and this is the wrong one.

Vinyl Rip: Walk On Water

One Thought on “1972 Case File #3.

  1. MarkAndrew on February 18, 2008 at 7:23 pm said:

    Ahh! I just downloaded a Neil Diamond song. My computer will never be clean again.

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