1972 Case File #7.

Genesis, Foxtrot

File Between: King Crimson and the Blossom Toes

Comments: If you’re not willing to settle down for the long haul a progressive rock record requires — and I only very rarely am — then the Peter Gabriel version of Genesis is one of the least enjoyable bands ever. But then, once you start to listen to them — and this album in particular kicks off in a great way, with a song about a Jack Kirby creation — you don’t want to stop until it’s over. And of course by you I mean me. Probably the best and the worst thing about Genesis, aside from the lengthy instrumental sections that show off without virtuosity, is the unapologetic Englishness of Gabriel’s lyrics, a lunatic mashup of mythopoeic history, kitchen-sink drama, and grand wizards of silliness like Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. The (almost) side-long “Supper’s Ready” may or may not have anything to do with the Book of Revelation, but as a C. S. Lewis fan from way back, I can’t stop digging it.

A Keeper? I may prefer Selling England By The Pound, but that’s like saying I like hamburgers more than pizza: I’m perfectly willing to eat either at any given moment, assuming I’m in the mood.

Vinyl Rip: Time Table

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