100 Great Singles Of The 1960s (That Haven’t Been Played To Death On Oldies Radio), #80-71.

Marianne Faithfull
80. Marianne Faithfull “Sister Morphine”
(Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
Decca AT 15133 b/w “Something Better” • 1969
Marianne Faithfull
Said “One over the eighth’ll
Do me just fine.”
But she didn’t mean wine.

Os Mutantes
79. Os Mutantes “A Minha Menina”
(Jorge Ben)
Philips CSPN 51043 b/w “Adeus Maria Fulô” • 1968
There was a young band from Brazil
Whose exuberance nothing could kill.
They’d try anything once,
And offended all fronts,
But by gosh they’re exuberant still.

Alton Ellis
78. Alton Ellis & The Flames “I Am Still In Love With You”
(Alton Ellis, Clement Dodd)
Studio One 2020 b/w Roy Richards “Honky Panky” • 1967
Alton Ellis
Was a touch overzealous.
He conceived lover’s rock when already
He was the High King of rocksteady.

Etta Jones
77. Etta Jones “Don’t Go To Strangers”
(David Mann, Arthur Kent, Redd Evans)
Prestige 180 b/w “If I Had You” • 1960
The end of an age;
When songs this dim and smoky
Sold over a mil.

The Creation
76. The Creation “Making Time”
(Eddie Phillips, Kenny Pickett)
Planet 116 b/w “Try And Stop Me” • 1966
There once was a band called Creation
The pride and joy of the Mod nation.
To achieve guitar racket
They used a bow to attack it;
So much for J. Page innovation.

Ram John Holder
75. Ram John Holder “Brixton Blues”
(Ram John Holder)
Beacon 112 b/w “Piccadilly Circus Blues” • 1969
Ram John Holder
Travelled where weather was colder.
From sunny Guyana to Britain:
He had to invest in a mitten.

Roy Orbison
74. Roy Orbison “In Dreams”
(Roy Orbison)
Monument 806 b/w “Shadaroba” • 1963
Showaddy Owaddy,
Roy Kelton Orbison
Wasn’t particularly
Fond of the damp.

And, though he’s famous for
Singing, he didn’t like
Being called camp.

Joe Bataan
73. Joe Bataan “Gypsy Woman”
(Curtis Mayfield)
Fania 447 b/w “So Fine” • 1967
It’s called boogaloo.
As rhythm and blues to swing,
So this to salsa.

Jerry Lee Lewis
72. Jerry Lee Lewis “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)”
(Glen Sutton)
Smash 2164 b/w “All The Good Is Gone” • 1968
There was a man nicknamed the Killer,
Known as a rock and roll pillar.
When old-time rock was invalid,
He went country with ballad,
And remained a consistent girl-thriller.

The Luv’d Ones
71. The Luv’d Ones “Up Down Sue”
(Char Vinnedge)
White Oak 759101 b/w “Yeah I’m Feeling Fine” • 1966
Echoes of Blondie
And of riot grrls beyond:
But they got there first.

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