1972 Case File #28.

The Edgar Winter Group
The Edgar Winter Group, They Only Come Out At Night

File Between: The Eagles and Blue Öyster Cult

Comments: Edgar Winter is largely remembered as Johnny Winter’s brother, one-half of the oddest blues brothers in rock & roll oral history — they’re both albinos. But where guitarist Johnny has some actual cred on the blues and shredding circuits, keyboardist Edgar is best known for two slight hits from this record, the cheerful slice of boogie-rock “Free Ride” (which I first heard in a note-for-note cover by alt-Christian band Audio Adrenaline in the mid-90s) and the gloriously ridiculous instrumental “Frankenstein,” whose monster guitar/synth riff is very nearly the least interesting thing about it; I’m more partial to the jazz fusion section and the robotic synth solo towards the end. The rest of the record is an easy-going blend of hard rock, country-rock, and blues-rock, rarely memorable but also rarely embarrassing. (Though the rhumba-inflected “Alta Mira” manages to be both.) Despite Edgar’s name being up top, they were an actual band — Ronnie Montrose, later famous for his solo work, was the guitarist — everyone contributing writing credits and sharing vocal duties. It didn’t last, apparently; this was their peak.

A Keeper? It’s not the vampire-glam promised on the cover, but I’ll always like “Free Ride” and “Frankenstein,” and the other stuff is listenable enough.

Vinyl Rip: Autumn

One Thought on “1972 Case File #28.

  1. Don’t know about the music but that has got to be one of the ugliest covers i have ever seen.

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