960 Songs From The Past 117 Years.

Hi. This is just a page to present links to all of the Top 100 lists I’ve spent the last couple of years writing up. While I stand behind most of the choices I’ve made and the sentiments I’ve expressed, time has after its usual fashion passed and none of these lists are precisely what they would be if I made them today. And much of the writing, especially in the early ones, should be considered juvenilia.

I also wanted to point out that graphics are not my strong point, so here’s proof:

Originally posted fall 2006.

Originally posted spring 2007.

Originally posted fall 2007.

Originally posted winter/spring 2008.

Originally posted summer 2008.

Originally posted fall 2008.

Originally posted winter/spring 2009.

Originally posted summer 2009.

Originally posted fall 2009.

Originally posted fall 2009.

4 Thoughts on “960 Songs From The Past 117 Years.

  1. Jessica Drew on January 23, 2011 at 7:07 pm said:

    Book deal yet?

  2. Ha ha ha, not yet. I am getting some work, though, which is hugely gratifying.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t find this to be sheer brilliance suffers from a lack of intelligence.

  4. brilliant work. one of my projects is doing my version of a song from each year of the 20th century (1901, i love you truly, 2000, yellow). i’ve found a number of songs i’ve picked here. yr taste is sublime. love your comments, love that you’ve got stuff here that’s new to me. fukin epic job. i’m also a weds-pull-list-comic-geek, not having missed a week since late 1978 (over 100 half-size boxes.) gonna google yr comic work. re comics/music, i’ve been doing stuff with jeffrey lewis, comic/music genius. we made an album, which i’d love to send ya, along with some of my more recent stuff. if you’d like, please send yr po box. long may you wave!